The Ranch Film Studios

Stages & Production Space

The Ranch Film Studios is the most affordable and conveniently located facility in the Greater New Orleans Area.  A short 7.2 miles from downtown, The Ranch sits on 22 acres and provides 220,000 sq ft of stage and flex space.

Imagination Station

62,360 sq/ft280 ft x 205 ft


Big34,705 sq/ft186 ft x 203 ft24 ft30 psf3 x 400A / 3-phase @ 120/208V
Easy *15,015 sq/ft91 ft x 165 ft24 ft30 psf1 x 400A / 3-phase @ 120/208V
Gold Room1,536 sq/ft32 ft x 48 ft23 ft30 psf-
* This stage available as Flex Space

Additional Features

Front Lot / Parking 83,000 sq/ft
Rear Lot 24,000 sq/ft
Loading Dock 2.500 sq/ft

Amazement Center

157,612 sq/ft396 ft x 357 ft


Rock29,648 sq/ft176 ft x 167 ft21-24.5ft30 psf2 x 400A / 3-phase @ 120/208V
Paper26,094 sq/ft167 ft x 156 ft25-29ft30 psf3 x 400A / 3-phase @ 120/208V
Scissors30,859 sq/ft202 ft x 156 ft25-29ft30 psf2 x 400A / 3-phase @ 120/208V
The Mill41,863 sq/ft-21-24.5ft30 psf2 x 100A / 3-phase @ 480V

Additional Features

Front Lot / Parking 174,000 sq/ft (Power 1 x 400A / 3-phase @ 120/208V)
Rear Lot 70,000 sq/ft
Loading Dock 4,000 sq/ft
Covered Area 30,000 sq/ft


The Ranch Film Studios offers filmmakers access to over 200,000 sq/ft of warehouse storage conveniently located within 1 mile of our campus.