The Ranch Film Studios

Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit

Louisiana’s Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit provides motion picture productions up to a 30% transferable tax credit on total qualified in-state production expenditures, including resident and non-resident labor. For productions using in-state labor, Louisiana offers an additional 10% payroll tax credit.

St. Bernard Parish, home of THE RANCH, now offers an additional 3.5% Cash Rebate on production cost. With this additional rebate, St. Bernard Parish is the most competitive parish in the state‚Äč.

Benefits at a glance

  • Provides up to a 40% transferable tax credit.
  • $50,000 threshold for local Louisiana productions meeting certain qualifications.
  • $300,000 minimum in-state expenditure requirement.
  • For fiscal years 2016-2018 the maximum amount of credit that can be claimed per fiscal year is $180 million.
  • Tax credits may be used to offset personal or corporate income tax liability in Louisiana.
  • Tax credits may be transferred to Louisiana taxpayers.
  • Tax credits may be transferred back to the State for 85% of face value.
  • Learn more at Louisiana Entertainment