The Ranch Film Studios

We Love Stories


The Ranch was born out of the belief in possibility.

Like much of the South, Hurricane Katrina did its best to destroy the hopes, dreams, and lives of the people who call St. Bernard Parish home. But like all good redemption stories, the bad had to come before the great.

Jason Waggenspack along with Sidney D. Torres lll, had a dream. They founded the Ranch with a vision to not only build a state-of-the-art film studio, but to develop an ecosystem that fosters education, creativity, and economic development. With top-of-the-line facilities only 7 miles from downtown New Orleans, Jason acting as CEO (Head of Possibilities) helms a team dedicated to preemptive customer service and who have a passion for imagination. The Ranch has been designed as the place for projects that require only the best.

We have been at the center of the revival of a devastated town’s economy and culture by providing a home for both major blockbusters and indie film passion projects.

Inspiring creativity is our calling… that’s what we do. In the end, everyone has a story to tell and what you’ll find at the Ranch is that we love story, and …we love storytellers.