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Michele’s Updates and Inspirations | Episode 63
New Orleans Film Festival This past Saturday at the Orpheum Theater was the red-carpet gala opening of the New Orleans Film Festival, which was followed by a screening of C’mon C’mon. The film, which was one of the festival’s most highly anticipated, stars Joaqin Phoenix as a traveler who interviews children around the country about […]
Jason’s Updates and Inspirations | Episode 62
Hindsight: Louisiana It was announced on Monday that Louisiana Public Broadcast, known as LPB, will premiere the locally produced limited series Hindsight: Louisiana. The series will focus on two young filmmakers, Zac Manuel and Kiyoko McCrae, both of whom are Louisiana residents. In association with Reel South, and specifically The Hindsight Project, Hindsight: Louisiana seeks […]
Jason’s Updates and Inspirations | Episode 61
Krewe of Boo I hope everyone had a fun time at Krewe of Boo this past weekend! It seems like the overall feedback from the parade was positive, and people enjoyed a night of costumes, music, and pre-pandemic normalcy. However, some health precautions were taken during the parade, as all volunteers and parade members were […]