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Film Day at The Capitol

On May 18th, film professionals from all over Louisiana got together at the state Capitol in Baton Rouge for LFEA Film Day.

The purpose of the event was to inform lawmakers about the benefits our film industry brings to the state, and to show the many different professions, trades, and businesses that our industry supports. Booths were set up in and around the Capitol building where attendees and lawmakers could interact with props, visual and practical effects, stunt workers, engineers, makeup artists, and more.

Among the attendees was Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, an established supporter of the film industry and specifically its impact on tourism. According to Nungesser, nearly 10% of tourists come to Louisiana due to something they saw in a film or television show, leading to $1.9 Billion in economic benefits to the tourism industry.

The Louisiana film industry has also added 10,000 jobs since the pandemic, leading to nearly $340 Million being spent on payroll. LFEA director Trey Burvant says that every production brings in new people to the area, and some end up making Louisiana their permanent home.

With digital media growing in the state from an academic and professional standpoint, the goal is to grow and keep as much talent in the state as possible. The event as a whole was a major success, and only proved further why our industry is thriving so much.

Take a look at the image gallery below for some behind the scenes candid shots.

Posted by Serah Ridolfoon May 25, 2022and categorized as Community, Updates and Inspiration